Building the Docks

We had no idea when we started planning out our docks just how much work would go into it. It’s one thing to map something out on “paper,” but a completely different story to look at actually implementing it. We had paced it all out once or twice to make sure it would work out how we wanted it to, but we’d never added up the slope previously. We knew that the land was sloping very slightly downwards to the water line, but even 2-3 slope per tile adds up when it’s over 20 tiles to the water! Neither one of us had really put too much thought into how far down water level might be, but once we started looking at the slope, we realized it would be over 100 dirt down.

I started digging out the pathway down the middle of the deed first. Since the preferred slope for a path is 20 and we weren’t sure just how far down I’d have to go, we estimated where we’d like to path to start, and I started digging.

Day 1: Starting to dig.

Final count to water level: 135 dirt down! Lots of tree-cutting, digging, and flat-raising later, this is where we are now:

Day 15: Coming together nicely.

Click me for day-by-day screenshots of our project!

Just over two weeks of work on these docks so far! Click the picture above if you’d like to see more pictures of the work day-by-day. It’s crazy to think about how much dirt we’ve moved (and how many planks I’ve made…), but it’s starting to look really awesome! Still a lot of work left to do – I’ll post more screenshots when it’s finished. I can’t wait to move our corbita in!


The Founding of Jewelspar

After we got our small farm up and running, we started thinking more about the nearby coastline. Bognus has always wanted to build boats, so we knew that we’d want some sort of dock-type area – which made us realize that we were probably going to have to place a deed. With the amount of work we were going to be doing, there was no way we wanted to leave it open for someone else to deed over! Suddenly our little farm plan turned into something quite a bit larger…

Using WPlanner, we mapped out an approximate layout of the land around us, including the main road leading to nearby deeds, and the water on the other side of us. Bognus came up with a way to avoid the nearly 20 tiles of marsh between us and water, and still have a dock area! We ended up with a plan for three tiers of land, stretching in a long and narrow deed from the road towards the water:

Early deed plan

Early deed plan

To avoid the nearly 20 tiles of marsh between our deed and the water, Bognus suggested digging a canal through the marsh, and then having our dock area open up more once we got through the marsh.

The middle area, separated from the docks by the blue line on the plans, is where we plan on putting our house and a church for the priest (Bognus is almost 30 masonry, yay stone houses!).  The grass tiles will probably be filled in with trees and/or bushes.

The bottom section is where we first started. You may notice that the low stone walls are in the same placement as our previous tiny farm plans – this is because we didn’t have the strength to bash down walls when we first planned our deed! This section will probably be revamped at some point in time to just a few larger fields for crops.

Our settlement token is on a raised platform in the middle section, level with the highest tier. We’re planning to do a little “town square” type thing, with the token and a mailbox (and maybe a fountain).


And thus, Jewelspar was born! We planted our deed the next morning, and have been working on construction ever since. Stay tuned for details on our epic dock project – which turned out to be much more work than we’d imagined!


Our Adventure Begins

When we started playing Wurm again, we honestly weren’t sure how long we were going to stick around this time. We had just decided to stop playing SW:TOR, and we wanted something to fill time… so we ended up back on Wurm.

We picked Exodus for our server this time because we were familiar with Independence already and we’d been to Deliverance several times. Exodus is supposed to have increased mob spawns, which always keeps things interesting! We’ve never done any PVP in Wurm, but I’m honestly not a big PVP person and didn’t really want to try it when other players can raid you. I’d be pretty heartbroken to put tons of work into a deed, and then have folks raid it – I’ll stick to PVE!

We looked at the Exo map for a bit before we decided which direction to head out in. Our first choice was a nice little cove off to the East, but as we figured – it was already taken. After scouting around for a bit, we found a spot with good potential. Relatively flat already, near a guard tower, and close to water. It was right between a few other deeds, but with enough room to expand some if we wanted to – perfect! Even better, all of the locals seemed very friendly and welcomed us to the area.

We weren’t even going to place a deed at first – we just thought we’d build a little house, maybe do a bit of farming. This was the first plan we came up with for our new home:

Tiny farm!

Just a tiny little walled-in farm! That idea quickly turned into a slightly larger one. Neither of us really liked the initial plan, and we’d made a little mine nearby, so the new plan included a road to the mine.

Revised plan

This one worked out so much better for us! We were sure this was the plan we were going to go with. So sure, we even built it in-game!

But as we’ve already discovered – plans change!

An Introduction

Hello there, and welcome to Mayrin’s Memoirs!

I’m Mayrin, and I’ll be your host! This is my attempt to document my adventures through various games. Current game(s) I’m playing are subject to change at any time – the hubby (Vindale) and I tend to bounce around between different MMOs, our current game of choice being Wurm Online.

A bit of background:

I started gaming with World of Warcraft in 2006. Some friends of mine were always playing this game, every time I came over – so finally I gave in and asked them what was so awesome about it. They helped my roll my first character (a priest!) and I had my first look at the world of gaming! I was hooked. While that specific priest didn’t work out for me, I re-rolled several other characters, and eventually ended up with a level 80 druid and a level 80 mage after Wrath came out (and a 70 priest, pre-Wrath). I’ve quit WoW and gone back to it several times over the years, so by now I have quite a few characters on several different servers.

From WoW, I moved on to explore various other games. Some of the ones I’ve spent the most time in are Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lord of the Rings Online, and Wurm Online. I’ve also dabbled in various other MMOs, but haven’t spent nearly as much time with them.

Wurm is our current game of choice, after recently quitting SW:TOR. Vindale and I started playing Wurm just over a year ago, in April 2011, where we played on the Independence server. When we quit to try SW:TOR in late November, we didn’t think we’d be back – Vin sold off his characters (both his main and his Vynora priest), and I disbanded our deed and gave control of the remainder of our possessions to our good friend and neighbor. Little did we know that Wurm would be calling us back six months later!

Since Vin sold his old characters, we decided that we’d start over fresh, with new characters on a new server. Thus, Bognus and Glognus were born. Had I known that we would stick around for a while, I might have picked a better name – but alas, I’m stuck with Glognus now! Oh well, I’ll always be Mayrin at heart. 🙂

Soon to come: the adventures of Glognus, Mayor of Jewelspar, and her husband Bognus!