Our Adventure Begins

When we started playing Wurm again, we honestly weren’t sure how long we were going to stick around this time. We had just decided to stop playing SW:TOR, and we wanted something to fill time… so we ended up back on Wurm.

We picked Exodus for our server this time because we were familiar with Independence already and we’d been to Deliverance several times. Exodus is supposed to have increased mob spawns, which always keeps things interesting! We’ve never done any PVP in Wurm, but I’m honestly not a big PVP person and didn’t really want to try it when other players can raid you. I’d be pretty heartbroken to put tons of work into a deed, and then have folks raid it – I’ll stick to PVE!

We looked at the Exo map for a bit before we decided which direction to head out in. Our first choice was a nice little cove off to the East, but as we figured – it was already taken. After scouting around for a bit, we found a spot with good potential. Relatively flat already, near a guard tower, and close to water. It was right between a few other deeds, but with enough room to expand some if we wanted to – perfect! Even better, all of the locals seemed very friendly and welcomed us to the area.

We weren’t even going to place a deed at first – we just thought we’d build a little house, maybe do a bit of farming. This was the first plan we came up with for our new home:

Tiny farm!

Just a tiny little walled-in farm! That idea quickly turned into a slightly larger one. Neither of us really liked the initial plan, and we’d made a little mine nearby, so the new plan included a road to the mine.

Revised plan

This one worked out so much better for us! We were sure this was the plan we were going to go with. So sure, we even built it in-game!

But as we’ve already discovered – plans change!

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