Building the Docks

We had no idea when we started planning out our docks just how much work would go into it. It’s one thing to map something out on “paper,” but a completely different story to look at actually implementing it. We had paced it all out once or twice to make sure it would work out how we wanted it to, but we’d never added up the slope previously. We knew that the land was sloping very slightly downwards to the water line, but even 2-3 slope per tile adds up when it’s over 20 tiles to the water! Neither one of us had really put too much thought into how far down water level might be, but once we started looking at the slope, we realized it would be over 100 dirt down.

I started digging out the pathway down the middle of the deed first. Since the preferred slope for a path is 20 and we weren’t sure just how far down I’d have to go, we estimated where we’d like to path to start, and I started digging.

Day 1: Starting to dig.

Final count to water level: 135 dirt down! Lots of tree-cutting, digging, and flat-raising later, this is where we are now:

Day 15: Coming together nicely.

Click me for day-by-day screenshots of our project!

Just over two weeks of work on these docks so far! Click the picture above if you’d like to see more pictures of the work day-by-day. It’s crazy to think about how much dirt we’ve moved (and how many planks I’ve made…), but it’s starting to look really awesome! Still a lot of work left to do – I’ll post more screenshots when it’s finished. I can’t wait to move our corbita in!

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  1. Corbin

     /  May 30, 2012

    Great work! What makes it even more impressing for me, is the before and after effect, since I am fairly familiar with the original surroundings. It already looks so pretty!
    Now I understand why it is your digging skill that is most advanced, lol. If I may, I’d like to visit someday and take a peek at your dock ( but only while your friend, the lava spider, is taking a nap…) ~ Greetings from my hillside dirt piles o/

    • Thank you! 😀
      I can’t promise it’ll be lava spider free, but you’re welcome to visit any time! 🙂

  2. That is an awesome project! Pretty amazing stuff.

    • Thanks! You should come take a peek sometime; it’s getting a lot closer to being done!


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