Docks Are Almost Done!

Well, I had a post planned about Wurm’s awesome phobia feature, but then we had to take our toddler to the Emergency Room to get checked out and I’m just not feeling up to a long post now! Kiddo’s okay; she tripped while playing and hit her chin pretty hard on the windowsill – making her teeth go through her bottom lip. No stitches or anything; just four little holes (two inside, and two outside just under her lip). She should be fine; we just have to watch for infection now. But my nerves are a bit shot, so I’m going to forgo my initial posting plans, and instead leave you guys with this awesome screenshot of my almost-finished docks!

Almost finished.

There’s still about 5 floorboards to finish for the bottom corner, and it still needs some dredging, but it’s mostly functional now!

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