Planks, Planks, and More Planks!

Progress on the docks is coming along nicely – I have all the walkways covered in floorboards now! Sorry it’s a little foggy; I climbed the hill to take a screenshot, and the fog rolled right in!


Guess I need to tar those soon… one of my floorboards decayed already!

It was nice to stop cutting planks for a bit. I started work on the dredging, only to find that Bognus was being a bit optimistic when he said he was almost done with the canal leading in. I figured “almost done” meant maybe a couple tiles left – not more than half left to dig out! Dredging feels so slow compared to digging. I had to take a break for a bit – only to find myself cutting more planks!

House in Progress

Jewelspar Manor

Bognus has been hard at work building our house for the last few days. Lots of bricks and mortar to make – our house is almost a 5×5! We’re going to take advantage of having inner walls and make several rooms for different purposes, instead of having multiple houses. We’ve made one large house with four 2×2 rooms, plus an entry way, hallway, and a small room for our priest / guests to use. The house is coming along nicely, so I wanted to get some furniture (beds, chests, FSB, & BSBs) built so we’d be ready to move in once it’s done. Apparently I wasn’t thinking about what all of those items take to build: more planks!

House Plans

Interior house plans

Clockwise, starting in the bottom left corner: workshop for Bognus (forges, etc), my tailoring/leatherworking room (loom + BSBs), the priest’s tiny room (bed & large chest), our bedroom (two beds & two chests), the kitchen (oven, FSBs, BSB), and the entryway at the very bottom. Those are storage coffins to either side of the entrance. The right fountain (outside) is actually on a water tile; the other one we’ll probably dump a few barrels of water into. We liked the symmetry of having one on either side!

Not only do I have to make planks for all of the furniture, but if you look closely… that’s 15 more tiles of floorboards! Woohoo – back to work!

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  1. Camilla

     /  June 6, 2012

    Oh, please continue to keep us updated about Jewelspar! Your posts make me want to go back to Wurm so bad.

    • You should come back! It’s been a lot of fun catching up with what changes they made in the six months we stopped playing, and it’s been even better designing and working on a new deed! You could always start over fresh and check out Celebration. đŸ™‚


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