Looks Familiar…

Slightly bored this afternoon, I opened up my Google Reader to see if there was anything good to read. I think to myself, “hey, Massively’s One Shots can be pretty cool; let’s see what they’ve got today.”

One Shots

Wait, that looks oddly familiar… whoa, that’s my house!

Last week, they asked for submissions of people’s houses, so I figured I’d send in my favorite Wurm screenshot – the one that I turned into my header here! I didn’t expect to ever see it come up again, but I have lots of fond memories of that old house; I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show it off.


The whole image I sent in last week.

 I feel a little silly for being so excited about it, but I had to show off that my house was featured! Click the first image above to see the whole article.

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