Where We Are Now

Yeah, so I guess I’m bad at keeping up with this. Whoops!

Mostly, we’ve just been game-hopping; it’s tough to find much to write about when we haven’t been sticking to any one game for long.

Sadly, The Secret World didn’t work out for us long-term. It’s an awesome game, and it’s a nice change from most mainline MMOs – I’d still highly recommend it to anyone who wants something a little different. In our case though, there just wasn’t enough content to keep us around past a few months. We spend a good chunk of our free time together gaming, and even though we tried to take it slowly, we still hit that point where we were logging in once a day to run end-game content and nothing else. That gets pretty boring, fast!

We did, however, make some good friends in TSW. After bouncing around in a couple games (Minecraft, Terraria, etc), we dragged them over to the Star Wars Galaxies Emulator for a bit – until I introduced these guys to Wurm. I brought all three of them to Jewelspar for a day or two so they could get a feel for the game, and they were hooked! We all went to Epic together, and have a nice little town going up there. You’ll excuse me if I don’t post too much about our PVP server settlement, I’m sure. 😉

While I’m always happy to go back to Wurm, Vin tends to finish up a main project and get bored pretty quickly. He started looking around for other games to play, and somehow or another we ended up going back to WoW. We used a Scroll of Resurrection on each of our accounts, so we got a free upgrade to Cataclysm (we’d quit a few months prior to its release) and a free level 80 character.  I honestly expected that Vin would be rather apathetic towards WoW and I’d be the one who was really excited to go back – but it’s been almost reversed! Vin’s gotten into the pet battles and has been having a blast. I’m happy enough to be back just because of the amount of content – it really doesn’t matter what you like to do in an MMO, WoW’s got a good amount of it. Lots of dungeons, lots of pets / collectables, lots of quests. I’m pretty sure that running out of content and getting bored won’t be an issue here! It’s a nice change from the other games we’ve played recently.

So for now, we’ll be hanging out in the lands of Azeroth again. We’re keeping our eyes open for a good casual guild to join for end-game content, so if anyone knows people on Kirin Tor, let us know!