Mayrin’s Return

So, fast forward a few months from my last post, and Vin & I are both deeply entrenched in Wurm again. Big surprise, right? I’m pretty sure this game will always keep sucking me back in (if I ever manage to put it down again!). Currently, Vin and I are playing together on Pristine (new server launched 12/12/12), and I’m back to playing Mayrin when he’s at work.

The initial plan was that I was going to keep up with Jewelspar, our deed on Exodus, while mostly playing on Epic with some friends (and then playing on Pristine when the hubby’s home). Well, that worked great, up until the Impalong (what’s an Impalong? Go here to read more). As soon as I crossed the server border back to Independence, I pretty much got hit with a huge wave of homesickness.

Indy was my first server; it’s where I made my first home in Wurm, and made my first friends almost two years ago. I never really wanted to leave it, but I also understood Vin’s desire to start over fresh when we came back the first time. So moved to Exodus, and founded Jewelspar. We eventually took yet another break, and Vin had no interest in going back again – so Jewelspar was left to me. After crossing that server border on the way to the Impalong, and seeing Indy’s familiar Southern coastline… I couldn’t stay away. On a whim, I decided right then and there that I was moving back – and I did!

I moved my stuff from Exo to Indy a few days later, and I founded Allure again not long afterwards. There’s a ton of work to be done now; I had to re-open the mine (twice!), and all of my fences are long gone. The houses remain, as I’d traded the writs to a good friend so he could make use of anything we’d left behind. I’ll be completely remodeling most of them though, and moving the main house to take advantage of the awesome view:

Upper Allure view

The view from my (as-yet-unfinished) balcony.

Out of time for today, but more details to come soon about rebuilding Allure, and working on our new deed on Pristine: Stonehaven!