The History of Allure

Apparently my definition of “soon” needs some work – it’s been two months since I promised more details on both deeds. Where does the time go?!

I got caught up on the Epic servers for a bit, so rebuilding Allure has gone much slower than I originally anticipated. I converted to a Vynora priestess on Epic, and then hit 50 Faith and could finally cast useful enchants for my village-mates… so I was distracted over there for a bit, and only popped over to Independence to keep up with my animals and such. But I’ve still been making some progress on Indy – if very slowly!

I wanted to give a bit of background on Allure itself and how we first ended up there, but what started out as a short snippet of history evolved into an entire post of its own. So rather than cram both then and now into one post, I’ll talk more about rebuilding Allure later, and leave you with this bit of history for today:

Vin had been looking for a game to play in between our other MMOs, just something to waste a bit of time in. He stumbled across Wurm and decided to give it a shot, creating a character on Independence and wandering until he found a spot to try to make his own. He didn’t think I’d have any interest in Wurm, so he never really drew my attention to it – but after watching him play for a bit I had to try it. Somehow he managed to direct me to where he’d ended up (we had no idea there was a map back then!), and we started trying to dig out a little spot on a hillside. We made friends with some locals (who have ended up being great friends that we’ve kept in touch with for years now!), and continued working to carve out a spot on the hill.

We did a bit of exploring in the general area we’d been trying to settle down in, and found a nice flat spot nearby; it had to have been a settlement at one point, but there was nothing left by the time we got there. Frustrated with trying to dig out a patch of hillside, we thought about moving in on this nice flat area but ultimately decided that it was too far from the water (hubby wanted immediate water access to be able to work on shipbuilding). We eventually started working on a relatively flat spot right on the water just a bit down the coast while living out of our Noob Shack on the hillside, and ended up directing someone else who was looking for a place to settle to the flat area we’d found – he named his new deed “Allure”.

Fast forward to maybe a week later, we logged in one morning to find that the nice flat spot we’d been working on, and that we thought we had secured, had been mostly deeded over. We’d built fences and a gatehouse to enter the area, but we didn’t know that to prevent someone from deeding it, we should have built houses on each side of our area. The person who deeded over it wouldn’t work with us at all (or even talk to us), and with much irritation we ended up moving back to our initial spot on the hillside. After telling our friends in the area what had happened, the person who founded Allure told us that the area he’d deeded actually had flat land on two different levels, and he wasn’t using the smaller upper area at all. To prevent us from going through any further loses, he invited us to move onto his deed with him and offered us the entire upper area to ourselves. We talked it over and ended up accepting his gracious offer – and thus our tie to Allure began.

Upper Allure, shortly after we moved in.

We moved into Upper Allure and started making it our home, eventually making our first real house on the corner overlooking lower Allure. A few weeks later, our friend told us that he’d founded another deed, Port Allure, just a bit further down the coast and right on the water. He wanted to move there to work on building boats, and wanted us to have Allure. We had no idea what we would do with an entire deed to ourselves, but how could we possibly say no to such a generous offer?! It took very little thought before we accepted – and thus Allure became our home.

The main house we eventually built in lower Allure – Home!

It’s had many complete makeovers through the years, but somehow this little patch of land worked its way into my heart and has become my home in Wurm. It doesn’t matter where else I might end up in game, or on which character – I always end up bringing Mayrin back to Allure eventually.

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  1. Hordern

     /  March 13, 2013

    Nice to hear that story.

    Look forward to seeing how you revamp it with all the options multistory has brought etc 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂
      Hoping to get some screenshots of progress so far up, maybe tomorrow. Going to try to get back to updating more often… we’ll see how it goes. 😉


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