Rebuilding Allure (Part One)

Trying to rebuild has been a very slow process. When I got back to Indy, nothing was left of Allure but the houses (and a few stray fences). I had three houses total – a kitchen in Upper Allure, a workshop in Lower Allure, and our main house, also in Lower Allure. My first thought was to leave them all in place, and just finish them by adding on additional stories or a roof, as needed. Then I realized that at the very least, these houses were going to need new doors added – they were so old that double doors hadn’t even been invented yet, not to mention inner walls!  At that point, I decided that with the amount of work these houses would need, I might as well rebuild them to make them exactly as I’d like them, since I’m on my own in Allure now. I threw out the old plan for Allure, and started working on really making it mine this time around.

Very old image of our last Allure plan before leaving Indy

To give you an idea of how Allure is laid out, I dug up an old file (dated Aug 08, 2011!) that I can’t even open in Wplanner anymore, so I had to use Paint to edit in some details. Upper Allure is outlined in blue in the top right corner – the upper area is about 200 dirt above the lower level. The paths on the top and right edges both lead from the lower to the upper level. At that point in time, I was breeding TONS of aggressive animals, so the entirety of Upper Allure was filled with pens to keep them in. I discovered that feeding them meals seemed to keep them well fed longer than just tossing in meat/veggies, so I’d cook up a couple hundred meals in the Kitchen every day or two to feed them all. This time around, I don’t plan on keeping any aggressive creatures, so I just demolished the kitchen.

Main house, upon my return to Allure

The main house was built before the days of internal walls, so we made it in a sort of “U” shape to simulate different rooms. One wing was our bedroom area, with a bed each for Vin and I, one for our priest, and an extra just in case. The other wing was a secondary kitchen area, where we stored most of our crops and other foodstuffs. The longest wall, at the back of the house, was lined with BSBs so we could store various quality materials. When I got back to Allure, I had to re-deed a slightly smaller area than I’d had before, and my new deed line actually cut off the bedroom wing completely. The house needed a roof and a new front door anyway, so once I realized that part was also off-deed, I just decided to move it back up to Upper Allure and take advantage of the view there instead. This became my first big project upon coming back – designing and building a new house, then moving the contents of 2 FSBs and about 10 BSBs to Upper Allure!

Vin’s old Workshop, pre-rebuilding (and a sneak peek at my new main house in the background!)

Vin always did the blacksmithing work at Allure, and he wanted a building near his mine so he didn’t have to drag the iron across the deed to work. When we first moved into lower Allure, we’d done some digging to try to finish flattening the whole area and realized that Allure has many, many large spikes of rock sticking up underneath it. We mined quite a few down, but by the time we built his workshop we were very tired of digging and surface mining. When we found another rock spike where he wanted his workshop, we decided to just flatraise his workshop up a bit instead. As a result, his 2×3 workshop was built about 100 dirt up from the rest of lower Allure. We moved our deed token at one point to cover our land better, and the token ended up falling right on the slope next to his workshop. We never really liked it there, but also didn’t have much choice about it at the time. When I got back, I decided that I was going to fix that!

New Workshop & path

I flatraised an additional tile next to the original workshop, for a 3×3 raised area instead. The workshop is now only 5 tiles, with a 3×1 pen attached so I have a place to put horses if I’m using them in lower Allure and don’t want to drag them all the way back up top. The token is now in the corner of the pen (you can see it through the fence in the picture here, which also shows the entrance a little better), and there’s a gate next to it that can be locked or unlocked as needed for access. I also dug out and re-did the path leading up to the workshop, as it was a little steep at the bottom because of another rock spike. It’s now a perfect 20 slope all the way up, and finally properly paved!

Inside the new Workshop

The rest of Lower Allure is still in progress; it’s currently mostly full of overgrown oak and fruit trees. My plan for Lower Allure currently involves adding some breeding pens for horses, and building a guest house in the corner that used to be our cattle pen. Upper Allure is mostly finished at this point, but I decided to wait to post the “big reveal” for that area until I finish up the last of the inner walls and can post screenshots of the inside too. Sorry everyone, you’ll have to wait for the next post! 😉

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