Where We Are Now

Yeah, so I guess I’m bad at keeping up with this. Whoops!

Mostly, we’ve just been game-hopping; it’s tough to find much to write about when we haven’t been sticking to any one game for long.

Sadly, The Secret World didn’t work out for us long-term. It’s an awesome game, and it’s a nice change from most mainline MMOs – I’d still highly recommend it to anyone who wants something a little different. In our case though, there just wasn’t enough content to keep us around past a few months. We spend a good chunk of our free time together gaming, and even though we tried to take it slowly, we still hit that point where we were logging in once a day to run end-game content and nothing else. That gets pretty boring, fast!

We did, however, make some good friends in TSW. After bouncing around in a couple games (Minecraft, Terraria, etc), we dragged them over to the Star Wars Galaxies Emulator for a bit – until I introduced these guys to Wurm. I brought all three of them to Jewelspar for a day or two so they could get a feel for the game, and they were hooked! We all went to Epic together, and have a nice little town going up there. You’ll excuse me if I don’t post too much about our PVP server settlement, I’m sure. 😉

While I’m always happy to go back to Wurm, Vin tends to finish up a main project and get bored pretty quickly. He started looking around for other games to play, and somehow or another we ended up going back to WoW. We used a Scroll of Resurrection on each of our accounts, so we got a free upgrade to Cataclysm (we’d quit a few months prior to its release) and a free level 80 character.  I honestly expected that Vin would be rather apathetic towards WoW and I’d be the one who was really excited to go back – but it’s been almost reversed! Vin’s gotten into the pet battles and has been having a blast. I’m happy enough to be back just because of the amount of content – it really doesn’t matter what you like to do in an MMO, WoW’s got a good amount of it. Lots of dungeons, lots of pets / collectables, lots of quests. I’m pretty sure that running out of content and getting bored won’t be an issue here! It’s a nice change from the other games we’ve played recently.

So for now, we’ll be hanging out in the lands of Azeroth again. We’re keeping our eyes open for a good casual guild to join for end-game content, so if anyone knows people on Kirin Tor, let us know!


We’ve Been Sucked In!

I didn’t really mean to disappear for almost a month… it just sort of happened!

When hubby and I tried out a beta weekend for The Secret World last month, we knew it was going to be our next MMO. We’d been looking for one for a while, but hadn’t found anything that we both thought we’d enjoy long term (the last one we tried was SW:TOR, before running out of content after 6 months). Vin participated in The Secret War (the social game precursor to The Secret World), but I hadn’t really checked it out at all and I knew almost nothing about the game itself. After trying the beta though, we were both hooked. Vin didn’t want to play anything else – he’d log into Wurm, and then get distracted looking at anything to do with TSW. It was a tough couple weeks of waiting between that beta weekend and launch day!

Like we did with Star Wars, we’re trying to take it slow so we don’t run out of content too quickly. We both absolutely love this game, and we’d hate to end up bored with it because we ran through it all too fast! Even with taking it slow though, we’ve worked our way through Solomon Island and Egypt, and we’re just entering Transylvania.

This has been an interesting zone for me, because apparently something about the weather effects (lots of fog / rain) is making me really, really struggle with motion sickness again. I don’t have issues with most games, but there are some I just can’t play – like Portal (to my extreme sadness). If I play too long, I end up feeling really terrible and usually going to bed for several hours to try to get over it. I haven’t had any issues with TSW prior to Transylvania, so it’s weird that it just now popped up – but that’s why I’m guessing it’s the weather effects. My first thought was that they’d made a change to the camera /graphics or something, but then I realized that dungeons weren’t bothering me – we’d been running dungeons for several hours with no issues, but within 10 minutes of questing again I’d start feeling sick. I tried turning my effects settings all the way down, but the blurriness that resulted in seemed to make things worse… so now I’m trying settings all the way up. It makes my client run a little choppy, but reducing the blurriness from the fog seems to be helping a little. We’re trying not to rush through things overall, but we’ve had to step it up a little in Transylvania to try to get out of the fog. I miss bright, sunny Egypt!

Mayrin & Vindale in Egypt

Mayrin & Vindale in Egypt

If you’re playing The Secret World, look up Mayrin and Vindale! We’re playing Templar side on Arcadia, but you can group with people cross-faction and from different servers – so you can play anything anywhere, and still join up with your friends. We’re always up for a good group, whether it’s for questing or dungeons!

Busy Week!

As the title says… it’s been a busy week (and a half)! I was busy for a couple days making Father’s Day cards for several people, and birthday cards for several more – plus planning what to do for Bognus’s birthday this week! In between all of that, I managed to get our fields dug out a bit more, so we now have 4 really good-sized fields for farming / keeping animals. We have way more cows and horses than we actually plan on keeping in the long run, but we’ve been trying to get Animal Husbandry leveled on the priest – and the more animals, the faster it goes! The fields look great though, and we have so much more room. I’ll post some before & after pictures soon – once I remember to take the after shots during the day! I looked back at the ones I have, and they’re all dark and /or foggy. Whoops! Must not have been paying attention when I took them.

To add to the list of things we’ve been busy with, Bognus and I have been trying out a couple betas for upcoming games. Most recently (the weekend just past) we tried out The Secret World, and the weekend before that was Guild Wars 2. While GW2 didn’t quite seem like our cup of tea, we both had a lot of fun with TSW and can’t wait for launch next month!

Guild Wars 2 seemed like a relatively amusing game, but we honestly couldn’t really get into it. I never played the original Guild Wars, so I went into it with no knowledge of the world, or expectations for the game as a whole. The characters were cute, and the combat system was okay, but it felt very grindy. We didn’t really find any quests, just lots of affection-based area grinds (go kill this many things in this area, or perform this many simple tasks, etc). It was fun to dabble in for a bit, but we honestly didn’t see much to hold us there long-term, and we were bored by the end of the weekend. We went back to Wurm before the beta event was quite finished (and then got our priest killed right outside our gates, when the power went out for hours right as she got attacked by multiple spiders… /sigh). It was okay, just not what we were looking for.

I also went into The Secret World not knowing much about the game. Hubby didn’t think that I would enjoy it for whatever reason, so neither of us really had our hopes up about it at all. We mostly just wanted to try it because we’re still in search of an MMO, and it’s one of the ones coming out pretty soon. I was honestly not expecting to like it anywhere near as much as I did. As Moxie said on her blog, I definitely think it’s more of a niche game. I don’t really think that it’s going to be “the next big thing” – but I’m okay with that. I play Wurm, so I already tend to like the helpful communities and slightly more mature player-base that’s found in smaller games! TSW has a more modern setting (you start out in London, New York, or Seoul depending on your faction), and has a very interesting travel system that will make it very easy to expand the world further. I can see lots of potential for future expansions here!

The game itself really makes you think. There are lots of little riddles to solve and puzzles to figure out. Some are text-based and some are more platform-based. They do have some pretty straight-forward “go here and kill this many dudes” quests, but they’re usually interspersed with plenty of quests that require you to pay attention to your surroundings and pick up on little details to be used later. It’s hard to really go into much more detail without giving away some of the quests, but it was really a lot of fun to run around completing quests that you actually have to think about! Plus, the whole underground Templar / Illuminati thing has always had some appeal to me. As a whole, I really enjoyed the beta this weekend. It was tough to put it down and save the rest until the game actually launches (July 3rd)!

So that’s what we’ve been up to for the last week or so. More deed pictures to come, soon!